Shipping & Return

What regions do you ship to?

We are currently only shipping inside continental USA.

Which shipping option is best?

Our shipping packages are designed to slow down the aging of kimchi while in transit by protecting it from heat. In them, our kimchi may be shipped for up to 4 days around summertime and for 5 days in the colder half of the year. Matching your delivery time to this timeframe will ensure your kimchi will be aged ‘just right’ at delivery. If you prefer extra aged kimchi, feel free to extend shipping time beyond these 4 to 5 days. Keep in mind that UPS Ground has about a 10% chance of a 1 day delay.

Order processing and cut off times

Online orders are processed at the end of every week on Fridays and are shipped out on the following Monday.

My jars weren't cold during delivery. Is this fine?

Yes, this is fine. Our packages only stay cold for about 1-2 days and for the rest of the time in transit are exposed to a controlled state of heat-induced aging. Refer above to our recommended shipping options for recommendations on ideal shipping transit times.

My order arrived but the jars leaked fluids. Is this a problem?

This is normal due to the natural fermentation inside the jars. We recommend removing them from their plastic bags and opening their lids slowly over your sink to let out the extra pressure built up inside. Then, wash off leak residue from the jar if needed and then keep refrigerated.

Return Policy

All sales are final. If you received the wrong items or are in an unlikely event that your jars are destroyed or spoiled in transit, we will offer a replacement. We are also not responsible for complications related to shipments being shipped to the wrong address.

Phone Number

(323) 221-9142

Fax Number

(323) 221-8173

Open EveryDay

8AM – 4PM Weekdays